Energy conservation methods to be adopted for reducing carbon emission

Great Britain Renewable EnergyEveryone across the globe understands the importance of energy and energy conservation. In daily news papers and magazines we could see the headlines requesting us to help the environment, reduce carbon footprint, save our planet, use green production and so on. The lifestyle of the people should be changed and they should adopt energy conservation methods and follow it up at home, work places and so on. They should motivate themselves and inculcate better energy habits.  Each time when we turn on our television or computer, the energy created by the natural resources get exhausted. The energy spent cannot be reused and today the United Kingdom depends on fossil fuels to satisfy their energy needs.  According to research reports the fossil fuels will eventually get used up later on down the road and the countries dependent on the fossil fuels should search for alternative energy which could cope up with their energy needs.

The estimation by the World Wildlife Federation revealed that in the United Kingdom only 2.7 percent of electricity is produced from renewable energy and it is less than one per cent of the total energy used.  The dependence on fossil fuels has made this commodity more precious than other commodities. Energy experts recently mentioned that the current oil resources would be available only for the next four decades and coal would be available for another 200 years.  This estimation would be true if we follow the current energy usage rate. The energy consumption has increased significantly and the climate patterns are affected tremendously due to the over utilization of the energy. When the fossil fuels are burnt, large amount of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. The expulsion of the carbon dioxide alters the natural climate of the earth and modifies the weather pattern.

Energy conservation methods should be adopted in houses because more than 25 percent of the carbon dioxide released in the United Kingdom is from our homes. By implementing energy conservation methods we can cut off nearly 60 percent of the carbon dioxide by 2050. United Kingdom’s role in implementing energy conservation methods are taking place at a slower pace and from 1990 till 2010, they have knock down only 20 percentage of carbon dioxide emission. Due to the sudden raise in the price of the gases, the amount of energy utilized is also intensified, which leads to greater emission of carbon dioxide.  Budding countries like India and China has escalated the amount of energy used and the countries would have no other option, rather adopt energy conservation methods.

Chris Termeer

Chris Termeer is an oil and gas consultant, industry commentator and analyst. His book, Fundamentals of Investing in Oil and Gas provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the oil and gas industry, including exploration, drilling, production, storage, transportation and refining, to name but a few.

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